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At the core of KOOP’s ethos is the idea of focusing on and perfecting the essential elements of the service and experience. We believe that simplicity is key to cultivating a winning concept and this core value permeates through to everything we do, from the look and feel of the salon, through to how we style hair. We believe that establishing a strong set of core values from the very outset, that informs the way we work and how the company grows and evolves, is key to the success of the salon and the establishment of the brand as a whole.


KOOP offers a contemporary salon in a unique studio environment, with stylists trained internaltionally in the highest quality cutting and styling techniques. KOOP not only provides hairdressing services, but offers professional consultation and post styling photo shoot sessions as added services for its guests. KOOP offers a range of tailored products, developed specifically for its client base. Salon services include, cutting, styling, colouring, treatment, barbering and consultation services. The studio space is both flexible and adaptable and is designed to easily cater for styling and promotional events with the potential to be rented out for private events.


KOOP’s business objective is to create something unique, with a focus on the client experience, not only for Manila but for other leading major cities. The company aims to establish itself as the leading unisex salon in Manila through its expertise and unparalleled experience in cutting, colouring and styling, as well as its ability to provide a unique and outstanding quality overall experience. KOOP aims to become a market leader in Manila by firstly building its reputation, organically through word of mouth and through precise, tailored marketing with particular emphasis on social media marketing. Following the successful establishment of the first salon in Manila, one to two more salons will be opened in the Philippines before expanding further to establish branches internationally, with particular focus on Asian markets.


Manila is one of the world's fastest-growing, emerging markets with a growing middle-class population and an appetite for internationally influenced products and services. KOOP intends to position itself to challenge the traditional, generic approach to hairdressing employed by other salons in Manila by offering a refreshing, unique and superior client experience and salon service right from the booking of an appointment, through to stepping out the door after a visit to our salon, and even beyond.

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