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the space

The space is used primarily for a hair studio, but has
been carefully designed to be highly flexible and
adaptable, with moveable elements that can be
rearranged or moved to the sides for events to take
place. The liner plan adapts perfectly to creating
different zones and even atmospheres where necessary.

We worked with expert architects and lighting designers
to incorporate a high quality, bespoke lighting design in
the space. The lighting has built-in adaptability that can
change to suit the desired atmosphere for the space or
a specific event.


In its studio set-up, elements are arranged in such a
way as to allow fluid movement throughout the entire
space. The reception is positioned in a prominent
location next to the entrance and is combined with a
lounge area offering a spacious, comfortable space for
waiting or just having a coffee.

Styling sections area arranged in an unconventional
manner, forming a center piece feature that allows fluid
movement around the units and privacy for each section.

floor plan.

The studio is designed to be adaptable and flexible, using lightweight, permeable elements to separate and divide up spaces. These lightweight structures allow daylight to penetrate through the plan and the spaces to flow seamlessly into each other, while still giving a sense of privacy and enclosure. Against the backdrop of raw concrete and natural materials, the space is brought to life by an oasis of plants and greenery. The ever-changing shades and growing plants give a sense of evolving life and impermanence as the space changes with every visit.

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